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Apparently spent weeks (or months), and generated [1000 lines at the VEMS UK forum] of text (totally unsuitable for good overview).

Fortunately the trigger setup and measurements are starting to shape here now, good. (wiring is still confusing though).

At least investigation can start this way.

It seems there was a long chain of useless experiments with known trashed config. Upload known good config before continuing any further experiments.

Primary trigger HALL 60-2

At TDC tooth 15. (tooth0 is the tooth selected edge after missing tooth, tooth10 is 6 crankdeg later, etc...)

verify the internal pullup resistor - not needed now

HALL voltage verified OK (DVM and scope):

measure how the EC36/27 voltage changes, turning the engine over by hand - it seems perfect:

Secondary trigger HALL

Hall-effect sensor on camshaft for camsync (1-window trigger wheel)