My name is Steven, and I work as a mechanic for a Peugeot dealership.

My project is converting an Alfa Romeo twinspark engine to VEMS V3.x. The engine in question is an all alloy chain driven, 4 cilinder inline engine, 8 valves in total, with 2 spark plugs per cilinder (wasted spark). 1342 ignition order... AR 67202 engine for the alfisti...

Originally, the engine was managed by a Bosch Motronic M1.7 U7nit, but I need to get rid of the AFM and get bigger injectors to release the power the block has to offer.

Considered a Megasquirt for a while, but not sure it'll do me for what I want...

I will try to use as many of the Bosch bits as possible, to reduce cost - Besides that they always worked perfectly.

The trigger is a 60-2 toothed wheel on the aux belt side of the engine. There's no cam sensor present, so will go semi-sequential for the injection.

The idle actuator is a 3 wire unit, which uses 2 complementary PWM signals (one pulls the actuator open, the other closed). Can this be done with the V3.x, or do I need to get an optional extra?

I was looking at some Bosch Motorsport injectors, but at 220 euro each I'll look for something else (they had the perfect spray angle for my application though...). Will use HighZ injectors regardless, maybe some offered in the webshop, after initial setting up and breaking in the engine.

Some serious modifications are implemented, like high compression pistons, head porting, balancing of the entire bottom end, new and high flow exhaust manifold... so I will get a knock sensor too.

To recap, here are some things I'm wondering about:

1- Do I need some extra options (before ordering) to run a bosch 3-wire idle actuator?

2- Anybody know some more details about the injectors offered in the webshop, including some simple measurements

3- Exhaust gas temperature: how is this usefull in tuning a NA-engine?