joined the wiki. hello everyone.

some details about me:

im a tuning freak from south germany, i want to get deeper in engine tuning, cause ive made bad experiences with ecu chips ordered for example from ebay ... this site will more be a Question/Answer Page because im new to this stuff and have a lot of questions. feel free to contact me at simon dot luger at monogroup dot com

some details about my car:

its a 1998 fiat punto with a 1.242L 16V engine with full electronic ignition and multipoint fuel injection. Its gonna be supercharged by soon.

the turbo is fitted as a soft turbo, means only 0.3 bar boost is maximum. i plan to use a custom metal head gasket and water injection to lower compression and heat for more boost.

questions for today:

1. i want to control ignition. my car has two coils mounted at the cylinderhead. 1 coil ignite two sparks. two cables go from the coils to the stock ecu. on my crank theres a 60-2 wheel and a vr sensor. what will be the easiest method for controlling ignition with genboard? do i need a cam sensor?

A: You don't need a cam sensor to fire a wasted spark setup (like yours) on a 4 cyl. VR sensor and 60-2 wheel should get the job done (i use the same in my setup, see: MembersPage/DaveBrul) - DB

2. when ordering genboard v3 through the webshop, i want to order the full assembled genboard cause compared to other race ecus, its still half the price. what else do i need? WB02 sensor? EDIS module? Cabling?

A: I would suggest buying a wbo2 sensor, wbo2 sensor connector and both of the ec (ec18 + ec36) connector wire sides. v3 can control the coils directly so there is no need for an EDIS module - DB