After plugging in the ECU the first time (with INJ and coils unplugged), I uploaded using the Audi Tool under Tools > Firmware).

I noticed that everything was working correctly except for the MAP sensor, which upon ECU startup (ignition) would start to count up (kpa) until approx 328.


After quickly speaking with Marcell, he suggested to check the MAP and see if the resistor is not set properly and that it could be removed and bridged (0 ohm) as it's not really needed.

first pass with the soldering iron I went over every solder point on the back side and connection to main PCB, no change.


I then proceeded to remove the resistor and connected solder pads on MAP with solder instead, issue also still remained.


I then took measurements at PCB connectors with DVM while ECU was connected to the car.

Between pins 3 (5v) and 2 (GND) = 4.93V

Between pins 2 (GND) and 1 (V out) = it was also a falling voltage from when ECU is turned on around approx 1.x V settling to ~0.38 V.

Connect a resistor (1kOhm would be awesome, but 2k4 or 2k7 would also) between

Remove that resistor, and than connect it between:

No need to solder, this can be done quickly by touching it (throughole resistor is preferred).

But make sure not to short pin2 to pin3 (GND to +5V).

From the result we would see which side is the problem