VEMS Round with Motronic 7.1

VEMS Round using the following input:

- WBO2


- Analog 1 --> 10 bar oil pressure sensor

Q: Can't get my head round calibrating this. Can I have some help please with the configuration for analog input. The sensor is linear.

Calibration from vendor:

Sensor Output

150 PSI Gauge 0.5 volts at 0 PSI gauge pressure

(atmospheric pressure)

4.5 volts at 150 PSI gauge pressure

(150 PSI above atmospheric pressure)

150 psi sensor: pressure = 37.5 * voltage - 18.75

Any way to display in bar?

Q: 0.5V=0PSI=0bar, 4.5V=150PSI=10.34bar, with the AnalogInputCalibrationWizard?, I get calibration 129, offset 12. Correct?

- Analog 2 --> 400kPa VEMS Map sensor


- PWM0 -> reference RPM drive warning led for shiftlight

- PWM4 -> reference RPM drive "shift-now" led for shiftlight



A: Provided elaborated settings above (tested).

Q: I noticed that the output starts sending a signal around 200rpm earlier than it should probably to reach target rpm. Any way around this?

A Yes use a more aggressive control slope, use Kp = 255, Ki = 255, iLimit = 5 - DB

Please either modify the ini files or the firmware.

0V -> 10 AFR

5V -> 20 AFR

To calculate the factor, we first must remove the offset. We do this by subtracting the value at 0v from the value at 5v.


This number is the value at 5v without the offset applied. To get the value per voltage we just divide this by 5 (volts).


Our factor is 2 and the offset (value at 0v) is 10.

Now we just apply the factor for the particular RAM variable that we are working with in ME7.

uushk_w voltage factor is 0.004883, so we multiply this by the voltage to AFR factor that we calculated for our new input.


ME7Logger applies a negative offset, so in order to use a positive offset we just need to flip the sign.

The values that we have been working with are AFR, therefore to convert our input to AFR:

Factor : 0.009766

Offset : -10

- RPM input is coming from the Motronic RPM signal (instrument cluster)

Q: Can this even be configured or do we need a crank signal?! If that's the case the documentation (Help) should be change to state something other than "RPM Signal".

A: Yes RPM signal from dash is fully supported, [more info in VT help Rpm Input], example for 4cyl: rpm_toothcount=02 for a 4 cyl 2 events per rotation

Q: Any pointers on configuring it for 6 cyl 4stroke V6 engine? Setting it to 60-2 wheel does not work obviously. Thanks

A: For 6cyl 4 stroke, 6 rpm events per cam rotation, 3 per crank rotation the correct rpm_toothcount=03

Q: With above settings it is not working properly still, vemslog available at: