BMW E46 M3 engine install (primtrig=VR, sectrig=HALL but not used).

Running again.

summary: After some wrong track (vemslog from another ECU that had HALL/HALL => wrong ECU serialnr => seemed that VR sensor is used with HALL input)

Thanks for reporting back

ECU is v3/10172 - confirmed

After removing P259 chip car starts.

Fortunately I don't use these outputs.

Thanks for the help!

Originally vemslog from another ECU: v3/10112 (originally manufactured as HALL/HALL) was provided, so it was suspected that ECU has HALL primtrig input and VR primtrig sensor was actually used

[here] is is the right vemslog file of the V3/10172

OK, so serialnr is corrected, still no explicit information that VR trigger is used (although suspected so, but no verification measurement)

Not specifying (=> guessing) trigger type or falsely specifying serialnr (=>guessing) ECU serialnr (or, in this case both :-) makes support impossible.

Be exact about the sensor type, measurement details so practical advice can be formed and support can be attempted.

P259 outputs

P259/0 tested NOT working.

If LM1815 input is good, but no output (logic level signal to processor): it can be suspected that p259 got damaged and LM1815 +5V (shared small regulator for p259 and LM1815) is pulled near GND, preventing LM1815 operation.

Possible causes of p259 damage

Ground is solid and following instructions

The ECU is used in parallel with the DME to have the dash working and vanos is still controlled by the dme. So the p259 is not used. NO

No it is not my first install. I connected it without ignition coils and injectors. Powered up and set it up. Then with ign off plugged the coils and injectors and powered up again. Started the car and noticed that there was no rpm.

Then tried another ECU v3/10232 (s50b32) and the car started.

If p259 is confirmed to have failed, and grounding is absolutely good (or better), p259 can be removed (ECU can run without p259 chip if GND is good)

Ground is absolutely good.

If we drop 2 ECU-s from the 10th floor, and one survives, the other fails, it does NOT mean that doing so is within specifications, or that the failed device was bad from the start.

Measure, and FILL IN / CORRECT / CONFIRM details

Primary trigger ... VR or HALL ?

Check basic things

If VR:

522 Ohm

If HALL trigger (now unlikely):

With HALL sensor you can even measure with DVM, pushing the car a bit in gear5 the signal will change 0/5V or similar.

I hope that helps, we can continue with some useful input.

In anything trigger related the trigger type is important to mention. A working ... sensor is used ?

v3/10112 has HALL/HALL inputs and it will NOT work with VR sensor; the spare ECU might have VR input and that explains why it works.

In VT report v3/10172 is explicitely mentioned, but v3/10112 in the filename was more believable (when discrepancy: usually the filename is correct and human text is errenous)

(from oid10258) v3/10112 (the ECU the original .vemslog was from, now known to be wrong, misleading info; so unrelated (kept as history):


- primary_trigger: HALL

- secondary_trigger: HALL

- EGT input: no

- MAP connection: 300 kPa simplenipple

- LCD connection: no

- Knock input channels: 1

- ignition driver: 8

- Flyback: HighZ-only 30V flyback

- 1-wire interface: no

- withSDcard: no

Note : 10172 seemed FALSE originally, but now we consider v3/10172 from OID10493 to be the ECU in the setup with trigger problem, which has VR !!!! :


- primary_trigger: EC36/27 VR

- secondary_trigger: EC36/13VR

- EGT input: 1

- Flyback: HighZ-only 30V flyback

- ignition driver: 8

- Knock input channels: 2

- LCD connection: no

- MAP connection: 300 kPa simplenipple