Information on camshaft position sensors for my car:

I have the ability to retain one of two camshaft position sensors for my vehicle: The first one (and the one I already have) has two concentric rings, with two opto-interruptor pickups in it: The wheel inside looks like this:


This trigger is only supported for a distributor setup with current firmware.

My other option (which is a direct bolt-on in exchange for the optical based system above, is a cam angle sensor which uses a hall-effect sensor system. It looks like this:


Unfortunately I cannot tell from the picture how many pulses it makes in 1 cam-rotation and what positions/lengths.

Any ideas which would be more useful (and less problematic) to help triggering if I were to go distributor-less? I can source a 36 - 1 tooth wheel and epoxy that to the crankshaft pulley, along with a variable-reluctance sensor as well to get exact crankshaft position, but since the camshafts are driven off the crank, this method seems fine to me.

From talking to people on the IRC channel (thanks Dave23 and emil__), I've decided that the hall-effect sensor would be the best system. I believe that I'll pick one of those up and go with that.