This car is owned by a wery beatiful girl who likes all kind of motorsport (specially dragracing), she is my wery good friend and I have helped her with different stuff for a while now.

She had many years ago Audi S2 what was unfortunally crashed DD386DCF-06A4-4230-886A-EB2FBA01BE9A.jpg

After little time, she bought herself coupe quattro with 2,3 20V engine what was replaced with modified AAN 2,2T 20V (bigger injectors, K26/27 hybrid turbo, somekind of chip on ecu...), dyno result was 400WHP.

Previous year I installed VEMS ecu on it and the best 400m time was 11,657 and the season ended before last race on autumn with gearbox problems.

Then she decided that the car can not be both, drag and street and it got some modifications. It was stripped as possible, fiberglass doors and rear hatch, rollcage etc. Engine basically is the same, but some extra stuff added and some removed. Holset HX40 turbo, water/methanol injection, double NOS injectors, 950CC injectors, high output ignition coils.

Just last week we started it for the first time and all seems to be OK :)


Now some questions, the ecu is VEMS AAN and I need more input channels then two what are in SSC6 plug (these are right now for launch control and NOS switch). The datasheet that came with the ecu, says that pin1 on the SSC6 should also be mcp3208 input (ch 5), but from inside I see that it's connected to EC36 pin16 and it's P259 ch 1 output?

Extra inputs are needed for shift cut and table switch (safety function for water/methanol injection failure).

On my own car I have VEMS ecu with econseal plug and it is with more analog inputs then Audi AAN one has... can I get these same inputs from somwhere? how?

Also I added three P259 outputs to motronic pins that I do not use anymore:

P259 ch 4 to motronic pin 6

P259 ch 7 to motronic pin 5 (warning light)

P259 ch 6 to motronic pin 7 (shift light)

And today I discovered that P259 ch 5 is connected to motronic pin 22 what is AAN original check engine light (not documented anywhere...)