Versatile Engine Management System


VEMS gives you the full engine control that you need to bring out the best performance from your turbo/supercharged or normally aspirated engine. It has been developed by Motorsports enthusiasts to provide other enthusiasts with a complete system with features only found in the more expensive 'high end' engine management systems.

Key Features

VEMS utilises an advanced RISC microprocessor and surface mounted component technology, that is way beyond that of the DIY kits available. But we've not forgotten what made VEMS what it is, you can still buy a semi-complete DIY kit should you want to learn about Engine Management systems, or join in with the VEMS development team, or even try your own custom solution.

Ask your regional VEMS dealer for more information.

eu.gif VEMS is manufactured in the E.U. eu.gif


VEMS can be configured to use almost any standard OEM sensor for:

Additionally VEMS also has the built in ability to control:



Throughout the development of VEMS, Customization has been by-word, the number of driver chanels are as plentiful as the ways of configuring their operation. Outputs can be triggered by temperature, rpm, throttle position, air pressure.

High or low impedence Fuel Injectors.

Variable cam timing solanoids (VTEC, VVT etc).

Idle air controllers.

Nitrous solanoids.

Boost controllers.

VEMS features an advanced injector control system, which