Here is what I need from the VEMS shop. I have stolen the table from Richard Barrington, thanks Richard. The table has been adaopted for my needs.

Genboard v3.21199.00199.00
2.5 bar MAP sensor123.0023.00
Stepper driver13.003.00Run the factory idle setup
FET drivers41.907.602 banks of injectors, 1 channel WBO2, 1 spare
IGBT ignition drivers53.7018.504 coils in wasted spark, 1 spare
WBO2 sensor157.7057.70
Alubos case with 4 drill holes127.0027.00If not p'n'p
Alubos EC frontplate transparant19.009.00ditto
Alubos endplate transparant18.008.00ditto
Alubos gasket22.004.00ditto
Clamping plate25.0010.00ditto
Econoseal 36 PCB111.0011.00If not p'n'p
Econoseal 36 wire19.009.00Ditto
Econoseal 18 PCB17.007.00Ditto
Econoseal 18 wire18.008.00Ditto
Wideband connector18.708.70
VEMS sticker10.000.00Advertising under the hood
VEMS ECU badge10.000.00Advertising on either case
Serial jack kit11.901.90Looks better in the car
DSUB9 male11.001.00PC end of the cable
Total (Euro)413.20

Other parts needed:

I need a 36-1 crank trigger wheel and VR (variable reluctance) sensor.

I think this is a 60-2 trigger, but might be a usable piece of kit on the (4.0/4.6?) Rover V8?

No this does not fit with my flywheel. I have an aftermarked flywheel. I can only see a crank wheel work.