Firmware requisition


We need 2nd serial port to stream AIM data

As almost no one using this port (GPS) it will be great to connect round only and android at the same time.

Serial port1 triggerframe

Serial port2 AIM datastream

This is technically possible and we'll strongly consider this.

Old stuff below do not comment

1: Anytrim control

  • Is it possible to make a timer off delay?
Why...if using a electronic charger (clutch) we must prevent it to not go off while change gear but the output must stay high as long the timer is not run out.

An analog input to a digital output ? Can you make a more detailed description (with practical min and max time values) ?

What is desired if input rises (deactivates) before the falling=> sequence has ended ?

2: Anytrim control

  • Is it possible to make anytime control use a input + normal parameters ?
Why... using A/C Subaru we have a signal (12v) from a/c that order a/c to start-stop and the ecu must set the conductions if rpm is above 4000 the output go low. If not using the input the a/c pump will be active all the time in normal conductions and then burn

3: Config switching

Why... If you start the car normal way it will stay on config 1 but if TPS is >95% then config 2.

vehicle inspection State dependent

Currently we think this is a practical number of methods for config-switching.