Car Vw polo turbo


The car has started.

The numbers of trigger tooth is important it should be 2 not 4 as we like to fire every time we see a tooth.

Tooth with is 180 degrees

Tdc after the trigger must never get below 70 degrees (safe 70-127). If doing that you will have some really bad dwell times.

Ref tooth table :



2 n/a

3 n/a

4 n/a

5 n/a

6 n/a

7 n/a

Fore ignition you have chose 2 ign outputs and use the same output channel.

This setup has been bench tested op to 10,000 rpm and scooped the dwell as well its rock steady.

There will come a log later when the installers has tuned the car.

Bench test config.1.1.70[1]

Basic info

4 cyl

Firing sequence 1342

ign wiring : using one coil ec 36 pin 10

Trigger is original disturber type hall. Two signals pr. Crank Rev.

Firmware 1.1.62, but 1.1.70 recommended - benchtest if possible. Review all tables (disable anytrim if not used).

Primary trigger Settings:

Edge: rising

Type: coil typ

Missing tooth: typ ---

Special trigger type: Normal

Tdc after the trigger: 10

Number of teeth on the wheel: 4 ( 2 is BAD)

First trigger tooth: 0

Next trigger tooth: 1

Angular width of the teeth: 180 (90 does not make sense)

Crank min: 2000 lower, even 0 would be OK

Filtering: Enabled

Advance filtering: Disabled

Secondary trigger: disabled

Trigger ref tooth:





rest 4 does not matter ...

Coil charge time map scale: 0 (Dwell is flying around)

or 1 can be OK

tested successfull on branch with the following config:

(check the outputs, this is different from your)

22/3-2010 13,49

Thanks fore helping.

I have tested your config bench file and there seams to be something wrong.

I am using the Jimstim fore trigger signal.

If I set it to 600 rpm and turn it on then the dwell behave wrong. It starts at 101 ms and after 10 sec. It will get normal 4 ms of dwell. See pic 1-2 tdc to trigger is 10 degrees.If changing to 9 degrees there is no dwell problems at all

I due not get any ignition output below 240 rpm´s (not good for could season) injector´s is firing well