This is the build log of my Volvo 960 T5 build.

The car originally had a 2.5 straight 6 lump. I'm swapping a 2.3L inline 5 turbo from a 850 Turbo.




Engine/drivetrain mods so far:

- rebuilt engine by previous owner

- cams out of a N/A engine. longer lift, more overlap.

- custom intake manifold

- kevlar clutch & 850R pressure plate

In the 850 I was running a modified RICA tune.

Unfortunately the stock engine managent system can not be used after putting the engine into the 960. In the 850 the ignition is distributor type and the distributor cap doesn't fit between the engine and the firewall.

I've already fabricated a "star" shaped distributor (850 distro cap cut up and "re-worked" + 940 2.3 i4 turbo distributor cap) but I don't trust that... it is a custom made distributor cap.. enough said...




That is why I'm turning to the VEMS direction. Modifying the stock motronic system is complicated and there is no 100% working solution. VEMS solves every problem (EMS vise) I have to deal with at the moment.

Coil on plug ignition instead of the distributor style

I can fit any kind of injectors.

The whole build is documented on the turbobricks forum:

I'm going to concentrate on engine management side of the build here. Wiring, setup, tune, logs.


VEMS is in a 850 T5 for testing. We couldn't get it to run. Standalone harness.

Sometimes it backfires to the intake, sometimes shoots black cloud out of the tailpipe.

RPM signal - check


Fuel pump - check (for troubleshoot purposes, wired to fix +12V)

Injectors - check. Has +12V during cranking

Ignition - wiring good, checked with a spare COP. Coil packs are in working condition. (no inbuilt ignitors, driven by IGBTs). Has +12V during cranking.

h[0]=08 02 01 04 10 20 40 80

h[1]=00 60 48 30 18 00 00 00

h[2]=20 40 30 10 00 00 00 00

Ignout-wiring Apparently (please confirm !)



Error log:

Could you help me out here?



Started all over. Ignition order is ok, no more ignition during intake cycle.

Still no start :(

Made new logs, available here:

please take a look

Spark seems strong enough, but ignition can be at very wrong place maybe ?

What injector PW is best with 330cc / min injectors and "batch fire all inj during cranking" option enabled ?