What is the preferred and working method of using PC laptop logging with Vemstune.

Please let me know the steps:

1. Connect with vemstune

2. name your ECU

3. start log on the now red LOG button

4. stop log on the now green LOG button

5. tools -> convert last log to csv

6. tools -> view last log with ext viewer

  • How do i set up the external viewer?Im using megalog viewer 1.2b,is this good enough?
Also,what setting are needed to set up the Megalogviewer to see the now to "CSV" converted logfile?
  • preferences -> Environment config , place full path to the exe file you want to log - it automatically uses vemslogger.exe if the path is not correct //Emil

I also would like to know how this is being made with SD card.

1. download log using tools - sd card log - sd card ext overview

2. convert file(s) "vemslog to csv converter", you can convert multiple files here

3. open in log viewer


no problem /Emil