OK, so here I will try to put relevant information till it is sorted out and is applicable to the 'manual'. This information needs to be reviewed by all that look to make sure mistakes are corrected prior to formal use. So lets get started....

Standard board is shipped without FET drivers for the WBO2 heaters, coils or injectors. The base board pinout is below, notice the driver outputs are in gray while the functional outputs are in black.


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injector outputs are labeled A through H, coil outputs are labeled 00 through 07, misc drivers are labeled 08 through 11 and the WBO2 heater output is shown with a black ring.


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Are coil 8, 9, 10 and 11 all run from the TPIC6A259 chip? If so what are the limitations? About 350 mA current draw (or higher if not all are driven to max at the same time). Good for a relay, LED warning, etc. But the "coil" naming is very confusing.

The second WBO2 heater FET is labeled #17

EC18 pin2 and pin3 only has some filtering on the board. To use it as a 12bit ADC input (0..+5V) it must be connected with an airwire to a free MCP3208 input.