Im currently building a Locost. Locost is a Lotus super Seven look a like. My plan is to use VEMS 3.3 on my Zetec engine.

The new plan is to turbocharge it. I have bought a old garrett T3 (Sierra cosworth) and plan to use an Saab 900 (old generation) intercooler mounted in the rear end of the engine compartment. Futher more i plan to use water injection (DIY).

Engine info

Ford Zetec

4 cyl 4 stroke

16 valves

1800 cc

10:1 comp (will be lowerd)

170 cc injectors (will be upgraded to 357 cc Nissan 200 SX ones)

105 bhp

narrow band O2 (??? why don't you use wideband ? That's the best investment before any tuning!)

Yeah, I'm thinking of buying one. Earlier these WO2-sensors have been pretty expensive.


1. I plan to use batch injection. How many Fets do need. All the injectors will be fired at the same time.

2.The Ford Zetec coil is used with the EDIS, now i want to use only the VEMS for ignition timing (wastefire)

  • 4 power ignition driver (+4 logic-level: 4+4 option) recommended for any 4cyl (allows any type of ign later). 2 ingition drivers are the minimum, + 6 logiclevel (that is 2+6 option).
  • 4 it is then :-)

3. can i use the standard Ford sensors? TPS, CTS, Crank trigger, MAT, etc

Vems BOM

Vems 3.3 Card

Wideband W02 Sensor

8 Fets plus spares

4 ignition drivers plus spares

2.5 kpa map sensor onboard

LCD Green

econoseal connectors


Ford coils and dwell time

My engine currently uses standard ECU with builtin EDIS. When i'm switching to Vems I plan to let Vems do the dwell calculating instead of the EDIS. Is it worth doing so, or should I get an standalone EDIS and let it handles the dwell calculation.

Does anyone has info about the standard Ford coils that are used with EDIS-4?

Some pictures can be found here


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