Kristoffer Karlssons Volvo 142


Genboard setup page: MembersPage/MattiasSandgren/VolvoBtwenty/Genboard?

The engine in this car is based on a Volvo B20A but has been upgraded and rebuilt.

Approximate crank power is 170-180 hp, compared to the stock 85 hp.

The intake manifold has been ported out and the throttle replaced by a flange for a removeable 65 mm BMW throttlebody. Note that there is no throttle linkage in the pictures, it was fixed later. Fittings for a fuel rail and regular Bosch injectors has been welded to the runners. The runners have been ported out and smoothed. Here are some pictures of the manifold as it is mounted.

PICT1327.jpg PICT1328.jpg PICT1329.jpg PICT1330.jpg PICT0741.jpg

Here are two pictures of the custom trigger wheel we made for this and a few other VEMS installs on this type of engine, it's simply a disc welded on to the stock wheel that drives the generator.

trigger_b20_fram_bak.jpg trigger_b20_closeup.jpg

Update 2005-10-07

This car has been started up with VEMS as of today, ignition only. Trigger is through a Honeywell GT1 at the crank with a custom trigger disc. Spark is through the stock distributor, the car is already running much better due to not having to rely on worn points in the distributor.

Fuel is for next weekend, everything but the fuel plumbing is done. Stay tuned.

Update 2005-10-15

Today the carburator was removed and the fuel injection manifold was mounted to the head. Started right up after increasing cranking pulsewidth and thereafter req_fuel to get it idleing.

You can download a short movie from the moment we got it to idle well, right [here] (15.4 MB).

Update 2006-05-24

Firmware 1.0.36 was installed and we remapped the engine. This coming weekend the old engine is coming out and within a week we hope to have the newly rebuilt engine in place.

Update 2006-12-09

Started mapping with Alpha-N. Load multiplication really fooled us. This engine is a lot easier to handle with Alpha-N than Speed-Density, at idle there is about 90 kPa in the intake so you can imagine that the difference between two situations are not reflected properly in low load/rpm situations.

One thing on the wishlist:

Update 2007-03-29

About 1250 km has been covered since the startup with Alpha-N and everything seems to be alright. Cold starts were a bit troublesome, most likely due to the aggressive cam profile and the lack of cold start configurability.

Some exhaust wrap were added to keep underhood temperatures down, especially since this is not a cross-flow engine:


The performance is quite ok, but we can still gain some points by tuning ignition timing with my G-tech logger. These are the current numbers:

Repa1a.jpg Repa2b.jpg

Not too bad with miserable 60-feet/20m time with studded winter tires and a 2.1 litre OHV engine designed in the 1960s.

Another thing on the wishlist: