Audi trigger 1.2.16 "hickup"

A customer with a Audi pnp unit has run for a couple of years with various firmwares and the way the car runs and behaves has steadily improved with tuning and better firmware features.

With an early release of 1.2.16 the car suddenly developed a strange mis-fire, or ignition miss, trigger miss, or whatever you can call it. Datalogs say nothing, except show that :

Now with a later release of 1.2.16, the TPS signal reads 0% at high rpm/load and the engine cuts out.

Reverting back to 1.2.11 and it runs normal again.

Can you tell from the configuration of the ECU that something causes this? Suggestions in error_report_center - DB

What should we do ? Increase to something more than divby3 for the trigger?

Engine configuration

Other 115 coils have been tested to see if that was the problem before it was discovered that it ran fine with a slightly less recent firmware, and then the TPS reading problem with the latest.