Three-stage co-current gasifier separates the pyrolysis, combustion and gasification (reduction) steps. If all goes well, the result is low-tar gas (20-200 mg / Nm3).


Unlike the classical Imberts in the 1940's or FEMA (tar-makers), this type of reactor can output clean producer gas, but requires automatization with pressure sensors and high-temperature thermocouple sensors.

Operation modes

This laboratory gasifier has 4 modes of operation. 3 good, and 1 bad (which gives tarry gas, unavoidable during warmup).




At this occasion (not always!), the middle-burner burns even with 15C air input.


Practical size

Q: what do you use for stoichiometric point with the gas mixture?

Nice project ( applaus :)


We are researching the use of maize/wheat straw gasification cogenerators in farms and small-medium sized businesses. We're very interested in your project. Could you please contact us to discuss the possibilities of buying your system? jean.hupperets(that[a]sign)

Thanks in advance!

As of 2011-09 the 4-stage gasifier base system totals 2940 EUR /kW in EU (230/400V 50Hz) for 45kWe (predrier + reactor + filtering system + genset with accessories and automation)

We are completing the system (including CE paperwork) with experienced technology partners (who can make even an Imbert type reactor operate reliably, at least with wood-chips) and will make advertisement soon.