Project page for 1995 VW GTI/16v swap, Turbo

Car: 1995 Golf Sport


ABA (1993-1998 2.0 8v) Block, Crank, 60-2 Trigger wheel, Ignition Coil, Ignitor

PL(1986-1989 2.0 16v) Head, 16v Distributor(modified for one window trigger wheel)

1995 GTI Wiring harness

VEMS modified for plug-n-play application by me

See also: MembersPage/KevinBlack/Motronic68





Car is up and running on VEMS

Currently using crank trigger only, injectors 1,4 3,2 combined

Currently running stock high-z injectors, testing and breaking-in a new engine

Bench testing Bosch 2 wire PWM IAC valve with promising results


VEMS #857 Order Specs:

1-wire interface: NO

Ignition driver: 4+4

Knock and EGT: Yes (2 Knock,1 EGT)

LCD and PS2: Yes

MAP connection: Onboard 250KPA

Power Flyback: 30v bidr

Primary_trigger: VR

Secondary_trigger: HALL

Lower (than 510 Ohm) resistors for i259 logiclevel outputs for use with VAG 1.8T COPs

OEM Bosch temp sensors


Build notes:


Serial_nr= 857

pump-= 4.14V


pump+= 4.14V

(C103=1nF, no D100)