so story.

subaru 6-7 trigger, first started with oem wiring loom + loom adapter to vems.

cold engine +- ok, hot engine many trigger errors, loosing sync on boost. replaced trigger to 36-2-2-2.

no errors but engine performs poor on boost, lot of noise. swaped trigger back, no problem with stock ecu 320hp on 1 bar

logs with vems stock trigger cold engine

stock trigger hot engine

replaced ignition coils to new ones from newer 2.5 engine these have internal ignitor.

it got better, but still no good

this is scope shot when it gets less primary trigger

no error big rpm

this is jumper set on probe to lover signal by 10 times


scope shot on primary input and output

was not sure does it have enough resolution to capture the output of lm1815

secondary trigger

made a new engine wiring, because I thought it's noise

cant escape this problem. on 1.2.30 it looses sync, start running on wrong cylinder, on older firmwares it just gets resync and works

latest firmwares use config from configlet, olders use config from 1.1.96.

there are latest log named problem again

+ many log and configuration files,



finaly sorted it out,

75k resistor instead of r30 + 2.7k pulldown on primary trigger

these small waves between trigger tooths were crossing zero and making lm1815 to trigger itself