This ECU developed a problem while other work was done on the car. Not sure if welding or something like that could have caused it.

In any case the boot loader seemed to get corrupted, IIRC I was able to upload a new firmware but the box was still stuck in boot loader afterwards. It took some time before I accepted that the bootloader was corrupted but after loading the new bootloader it worked again.

After I sent the box back to the customer the injector fuse blows when the car is pushed hard. I have a 500km round trip to the customer since I moved last year and I fear that I can't solve the problem if I go there anyway.

I have come to suspect that the flyback in the ECU may have been damaged. If the PWMing of the lowZ injecors doesn't work as commanded it could also cause the problem.

I'm asking the customer to send the box to Hungary for a checkup.

Engine specification:

6 cylinder

6 lowZ injectors

6 115R coils.

12-1 trigger