I own a Ford Escort Mk1. Building it from scratch up to a Gp4 tarmac spec roadgoing car. It is powered by an brand new Duratec engine (2,3 liter) witch should deliver 200-250 bhp once the throttlebodies, the hi-CR pistons and the fast-road camshafts are fitted. Main advantage is the unit is very light. Total weight of the car is about 900 kg's. The whole setup should be good for fast-road / track. Now we need to finish it and fire it up.

I plan to have the car running this summer.



I received the 3.3 unit. All complete with the sensors and wiring, WB O2, EGT probe and LCD.


Made parts of the cable's, connected the LCD, modded the housing to take the RS232 port for direct PC interface Accidentaly soldered the RS232 to the pins of the main connector. Better is to make headers in the board like told in the documentation on the specific place.

Q: Why isn't this a webshop-option ?


Got the VEMS talking to the PC. Also made the wires tidy. Had problems with the LCD, getting the backlight and contrast right.

Q: Posible to ship the LCD with the right adjustable resistors ?

It seems to work all fine now, using the 100Ohm resistor for the backlight and a wire for the contrast. Not optimal though.

(Near?) Future:

- Get the car ready

First I'll have to finish the car. More and more parts are comming in. When ready I can mount the VEMS in it to get the engine working. For now I need a proper off-car setup so I can play with it.

- BiFeul? / LPG

Since petrol is getting more and more expensive I'll look for other sources. Since my car is 32 years old it is road-tax free. I can use LPG (Liquid Propane Gas). I sourced Keihin injectors to distribute this gas and I'll have to find a way to alter VEMS to do it.

Q: How do I activate a second batch of injectors and extra mapping space for Bi-Feul ?


VE- cranck trigger

VE- Camshaft trigger

TPS- Throttle positioning Sensor

IAT- Intake Air Temperature

CT- Coolant Temperature

WBO2- WideBand O2

MAP- Manifold Atmosphere Pressure

I-button- Immobilizer

LPG switch

LPG presure and temperature


Petrolpump relais- On/off

LPG tank relais- On/Off

Ignition- 2 coils, wasted spark, dummy

Injectors- 8, 4 for petrol, 4 delivering LPG

BDP light (LED strobe)

Tachometer (RPM) or shiftlight




Spend 2 days work on a Megasquirt unit. In the end it did not work. Bummer. Like all the features supported in Megatune though..... Specialy the dual-table feature.

Why is the VEMS not programable like that ? I guess it could.. But no support yet.