2004 Subaru STi in a tube frame chassis for hillclimbing, and full body, street legal chassis for Rally

Config before the upgrade:

Config for review/benchtesting:

When upgrading from 1.1.81 (running setup as of Sept 2010) to 1.1.95 on 8/2/2011 many settings got changed, most notably the ignition outputs were set to INVALID rather than the stepper outputs. After I left the car I also noticed that the Suzuki 36-2-2-2 setting was enabled. That's nothing I had touched.

Process for upgrade: Connect to ECU, Upload 1.1.95 which saves the config, after the upgrade it asks if you want to re-apply the saved config. I answered yes, asked if you want to fill in missing values with defaults, I answered yes.

Without camsync, you have to use [1.1.97] or newer (or the old ~1.1.85)