Hello, my name is James Klyne, and I plan on using a Genboard v3 on my modified 1987 Ford Thunderbird TurboCoupe.

The engine in this car is a 2.3L SOHC Turbocharged 4 cylinder. I have already changed the stock IHI turbo in favor of a Holset HY35w out of a 5.9l Dodge Cummins Diesel. I also have replaced the stock manifold with a Stainless Steel tubular header.

This car uses a VAM (Vain Air Meter) to measure the incoming air. It is a lousy system in my opinion, so I can't wait to get a Genboard on this thing. I also plan on ditching the TFI distributor in favor of an EDIS or Coil on Plug system.


Hi James,

Looks like we need to talk. I am working on Genbd3 for use in the exact same engine. I don't have an email address for you. Please contact me: turbo(at)mustangs(dot)com


-Dana Scott

..:: 30 August 2004 ::..

I haven't done much yet. Still gathering what I will need, and if it will be cost effective. I am no longer working on a TurboCoupe? (car was in bad shape). Instead I got a Merkur XR4Ti (same engine) that I will be playing with. My email is jim(at)syn9(dot)com

..:: 28 October 2004 ::..

After pricing things out on the web shop, I don't see genboard being as an affordable alternative to SDS, FAST or Holley Commander system. The genboard comes out cheaper (around $700-800 w/ WBO2) but not by that much (actually around 390 Euro, if you solder the FETs yourself !).

I'm more worried about not having any (???) support in making the thing work. (I've seen many people doing installations and getting better support than I've ever seen before with other systems!)

I don't see very many useful updates here

and I troll pretty frequently. Sucks cause I really like the specs. Maybe some one can tell me how to make a genboard cheap (that's the whole idea, right?) then I'll do it.

Very simple: while you install first (or just do detailed plan first), you help in relevant documentation, and you get discount for contribution, or even shares of later sales. Btw, the idea is to make it the best, and if it costs 1/2 .. 1/15 of similar capability systems that's usually considered acceptable (and very affordable). Anyone has the right to think different, of course. And anyone can just wait and hope to get $10000 motec system (with motec-doc) for 300 Euro but it's unlikely to happen without doing (while learning!) something for it. It is possible to do something for it - it's also possible to just complain. Choose freely.