Any known of any succesfull setups for a flywheel based Bosch trigger setup.

Such as Porches and early BMWīs.

Most likely two VR sensors

116 + 1 Trigger

129 + 1 Trigger

130 + 1 Trigger

132 + 1 Trigger

- Gunni

- Gunni -

Yes, the starter teeth are trigger teeth for the ecu to know the speed, the one trigger is to located the TCD and then the ecu can know the exact location from the starter teeth.

individual power :

What is the measurement exactly?

I was thinking that whatever it is now it might be improved upon by having it calculate the time it should take from 0-90° (or an adjustable value) only and then report the delta time as crank angles.

This would eliminate variation in a complete cycle due to other cylinders and concentrate solely on the firing cylinder. Then cylinders can be compared and misfires extremely clear and potentially knock could be determinable.

TPS accel enrichment :

The scale in Vemstune is what appears to be millivolts against time, but there is no channel that represents this for measurement only an actual dTPS/dTime, it would be ideal to convert the scales to TPS/Time as if one where to replace the TPS with another the tuning wouldnīt have to be replaced as well as being closer on similar engines with different TPSīs.

Lambda heater duty cycle monitoring.

i have on a few occasions had a situation where lambda isnīt read for quite a long time even if engine has been run up to temperature , 10minutes for instance. Any reason to this? I want to be able to monitor the Heater DC% to determine if the heater is actually on or not. Lambda then usually comes in but takes way to long.

Any update on this??

LSU 4.9 support?

Q: Is there support as Vemstune now suggest that there is ?

A: Currently LSU 4.9 is only supported with hardware modifications to v3, we are developing firmware to allow both LSU 4.2 and LSU 4.9 to be used on the same hardware, without modifications. When making sensor choice for current project, use LSU 4.2 until recommended otherwise.