The BigMotronicPnP? is on hold for a while until I have time again.

In the mean time IŽll be supplying VEMS PDF wiring info.

88pin motronic wiring information

Here is crank and cam captures for BMW M52 engine single vanos.

Can this cam sensor be made to work?

The ignition signal is number 1 cylinder.




Frequency changes during the toothed section and then go back to lower frequency when the tooth has passed

Currently the supported method (also see MembersPage/JasonVoytilla/BMW/Sensors

) : '''HALL replacement sensor: BMW 12 14 1 438 081 - Hall Effect Falling Edge. Pinout (from 1993 BMW .. .pdf document page#106 (m50 vanos)

Note: m52 page#98 has camshaft sensor middle (pin#2) going to mot88/pin64

That matches Gunnar's xls for camshaft (just forgot to mention HALL). So