I will use my newly purchased Genboard 3.2 as WB for my Autronic SMC. Since the Autronic is quite picky about the WB signal, I guess there will be some work to make it function as intended. Everything will be put into my Corvette -90, at present controlling a Vortech supercharged 350cui L98. In the works is a 381 "everything-forged" that will stand for some serious boost.

Update 3 January:

Success, the WB is working!! With some massive support THANK YOU JÖRGEN-You are really patient..)I managed to get through the firm/software "wall".

I copied Dave Bruls Config and changed some settings to get it according to specification:

WBO2_nernstdc_target=D0 (was 8D)

WBO2_calibration=D4 (was A9) sensor dependent

I tried to get wbo2_pump_pw_zero (board dependent) dead-on but the value given by Marcell (65) was best possible value.

Eventually, I will make some additional free-air calibration with "technical" air and maybe other calibration gases (my company is in the air quality measurement business :) ).

There is a company here in Gothenburg that can rent you an Autronic WB analyzer-next issue will be to compare the Genboard Vout with the Autronic output.


[A picture of the LCD display]

January 6: Getting close to first test of WB on the car; To my understanding there must be a rpm signal to the genboard to enable the WB. The idea is to use the tacho output from my MSD6 (I think the tacho output is some kind of square wave) and feed it to TRIGG 1 (pin 27-EC36).

Specify the number of cylinders (to show an accurate rpm reading on the LCD):


global.h: uint8_t rpmk[2]; // Constant for calculating, rpm = 12,000/ncyl (0: high byte)


so for 8 cyl 1500 is used. 1500/256 and 1500 mod 256 are respectively:

Update January 27:

Thanks Marcell for the input, I've put the following into the config file:





The tacho output from the MSD 6A box is connected to TRIGG1 (pin27)on the Genboard. The rpm reading on LCD seems to be the same as on the tachometer when running the engine, the WB heater also starts when firing up the engine.

So, I guess I have a working standalone WB meter now, slightly more expensive than an Innovative WB but with possibilities to control just about anything I can dream up.

Next step will be to check Lambda vout on OC3C when the firmware has been updated. Then I will try get my hands on an Autronic or similar WB and run them simultanously to get a feeling about accuracy of the Genboard WB.