Pressure-sensor tests

I have some oil-pressure sensors, and plan to use them as oil/fuel/water/ebp... sensors.


(still seek for such connectors)

These are VDO 360.081/061/006 units, 0-10bar range.

There's not much data on the web but this table:

mBar Resistenza (Ohms)

0 10

2000 51

4000 86

5000 104

6000 122

8000 152

10000 180

I'm affraid these are NOT datasheet-numbers, but some home-measurement instead.

I've put together some nice excel-sheet to calculate it's characteristics:



Tried to keep it simple using linear approximation, this way i was able to code it to megatune ini also.

Took some measures with my "professional" benchpad:


I've got slightly lower pressures than reality (-0.1, -0.2bar at free air).

Gauge is flickering, jumps to even -0.4 bars. -Played around with series resistor values but couldn't make it better.

At 1.5+ bars it seems to get stable, and maybe closer to real-life, but couldn't get real numbers without calibrated reference.

I'm not sure what accuracy can be expected from such sensors.