Mitsubishi Evo 6

Computer sn: 5030


Primary: Coil type hall sensor (original)

Secondary: hall sensor (original)

Ignition: Wasted Spark 1&4 and 2&3

Other sensors:

IAT, CLT, TPS, 400kPa MAP sensor, WBO2 sensor, EGT sensor

Fuel: Ethanol

Could you help me in the these issues:

Configuration of the primary and the secondary triggers.

I'm not sure how to configure the secondary trigger.

I attached the current configuration, which we use in the car, the trigger log, and the original figure from the secondary trigger I found in the manual. I uploaded the files to FileArea/GaborJuhasz?

idle stepper motor unipolar, 6 pins.

I added some diodes and it works. The problem is, if i set the "power off steppers after steps" on, the outputs set to grounds, and the current flow through every coil.

I dont know, that the stepper motor sequence in the program belongs to the opening, or the closing direction.

The car is running with ethanol, and I should set lambda to 0.65-0.7, but the program starts from 0.7. Could it be modified to start from 0.6?

And again, could it be possible, to modify the VEMSTUNE to set the minimum lambda to 0.6?