Firmware requisition

1: Anytime control

  • Is it possible to make a timer off delay?
Why...if using a electronic charger (clutch) we must prevent it to not go off while change gear but the output must stay high as long the timer is not run out.

2: Anytime control

  • Is it possible to make anytime control use a input + normal parameters ?
Why... using A/C Subaru we have a signal (12v) from a/c that order a/c to start-stop and the ecu must set the conductions if rpm is above 4000 the output go low. If not using the input the a/c pump will be active all the time in normal conductions and then burn

3: Config switching

  • Can we make config 1-2 regards of Tps
Why... If you start the car normal way it will stay on config 1 but if Tps is >95% then config 2.

vehicle inspection State dependent