This ECU worked as a charm! Now running K-jet for fuel and Vems for ignition.

Using the Primary Vr non-reversed (yellow as signal) and reversed the secondary VR inside the ecu (black as signal) both wires are avaliable in the stock 25pin-connector.

Using a Stepper output for ignition output.

This is the car for those who´re intrested, as you see he has several more that wants the same threatment.



Need some help on building an plugnplay-ecu for an old 10v urquattro running a 25pin toshiba ecu.

Its running the standard three sensor Auditrigger.

Ive connected the Primary VR sensor to EC36/27.

Should I connect the Hallsensor to EC36/13?

Where on the board should i connect the Secondary VR sensor?


Board Serialnr 3919 . Ordered with Auditrigger setup.

Thanks for all your help!

Ive come this far:


Connect the sec VR trigger like this black and red wires


You may need a 1.5 kohm resister mounted on solder side at ends of wires. (Pull down)


Thanks Peter! That helps alot! I ordered the board with 1kohm pulldown for the secondary vr. So thats done.

Are there any jumpers needed for the Hallsensor to find its way ? Or is it enough to connect it to ec36/13?