The car is now running, but i fould a fault in the firmware/software!

When you use the overrun fuel cut mode it completly ignores the Fuel resume rpm. In the attaced config and logfile i have set the fuel resume rpm to 2200 rpm, but the car holds the fuel cut until about 850 rpm. The presure control is working ok, but the rpm isnt..

Answer: You are activating fuelcut below kpa, and never activated fuelcut rpm, to exit fuelcut from kpa, you need to reach setting (22) + 4 kpa to reenable fuel //Emil



Any ideas ?

Regards Daniel

Hello, i am installing vems on a supercharged toyota ae92gti!

I am using the OEM VR Sensors.

Log will come later.



There are 3 sensors in the " dizzy"

One there are counting the 24 tooth in the bottom. ( primary trigger)

Two sensors triggering at the wird 1 tooth wheel. There are placed 180degrees. I am useing the one sensor so it triggers one tooth in 720 crank degress.

I have some troubles about the sec trigger, i got the Sec trig pos bad offen..

I have tryed everything ( allmost ) Triggering on diffrent edges and so on. Can any one look at my settings, and trigger logs ?


I have briged R182, 5V modeselect, 1k ohm pull down, but it isnt real good..

Any surgestions ?

Trigger is of cause 24 + 1

Thanks Daniel