I made ion sensor.


100-400V regulated switcher(most part from atx power supply)

and this senzor

And i did same measurement(290 and 330V).

2000rpm spark 22 BTDC




Plan is use AT91SAM7S128 for ppp calculation (and maby knock detection), connect to vems via(can, spi or ?)

Any suggestion?

Before comlicated solutions:

The scoping becomes much easy to see if VEMS switch some output @ 15...20deg ATDC.

May be we can ask developers?

by MembersPage/GintsK

How difficult would it be to implement such feature in the Firmware? By the little knowlegde I have it seems that we need to modify the coils and have a tool that gives VEMS an input signal.

BTW now i have spark plug with pressure sensor. So i can measure pressure in cylinder and see if ion sensor is working good.