Switched 12VsB/W, 49, 59, 109all come from ECCS relay, connected inside the harness
Grounds50, 60 and 110, 20,07,108,116these go to body ground in 2 groups


ECU pinfunctionproposed usagenotes
50, 60GND for: CAS, Air.Reg Shielding for: CAS, NBO signal, KS, MAFtie to Sensor GNDgoes to Engine Ground 1
10 20 107 108 116GND for: FICD, Ign. Transistors, Injectors, Idle valve, O2 heater seems like a Power GNDuse as Power GND TBC how thick? goes to Engine Ground 2
26MAF GNDtie to Sensor GNDoriginated from ECU
30TPS GND, ECT GNDtie to Sensor GNDoriginated from ECU
[Orig. Ground Wiring](HUGE)

Wire assignments (that I already know):

ECU pincolororig.funclocation of remote endVEMS pinnew functioncomment
1R/WIgn.1d/cEC36 pin 35 TTL output req.
2R/YIgn.2d/cEC36 pin 33 TTL output req.
3R/GIgn.3d/cEC36 pin 34 TTL output req.
11R/LIgn.4d/cEC36 pin 36 TTL output req.
101W/BInj. 1d/cEC36 pin 7  
110Y/BInj. 2d/cEC36 pin 19  
103G/BInj. 3d/cEC36 pin 8  
112L/BInj. 4d/cEC36 pin 20  
41G/YCAS TDC strobesd/cEC36 pin 27primary trigger
42G/BCAS degree pulsed/cEC36 pin 13secondary trigger
18B/Pfuel pump relayd/cEC36 pin 15 low-side switched
54Y/WIdle sw. -TB left sideEC36 pin 28  
27G/BMAF signalfront of engineEC18 pin 6  
26BMAF groundfront of engineTBD was common with other B pins in Nissan ECU
57YIdle sw. +left side of throttle bodyEC36 pin 2IAT 
48LG/RTPS supplyd/cEC36 pin 29  
38LG/BTPS signald/cEC36 pin 1  
30BECT+TPS groundat TBEC39 pin 5sens. comm. GNDQ
7Y/Rtach. signald/cEC36 pin4 voltage level or PWM?
106SBidle control valved/cEC36 pin 17idle control valvepicked Inj_H channel for this (PWM)
23Wknock sensord/cEC18 pin 1  
28L/ORECT signald/cEC36 pin 14  
16R/BECCS relayd/cn/a own switching circuit, see top of page
45B/RIgn. switchd/cn/a own switching circuit, see top of page
58RConstant 12Vd/cEC36 pin 23FLYBACK, direct path to Injector common (resistors common) 
29WO2 sensord/cEC18 pin 13WBO2 (Nernst) signal 
115LO2 heaterd/cEC18 pin 18WBO2 heater 

New wires to be laid for new functions

 GWBO2 pump+WBO2 areaEC18 pin 9
 YWBO2 pump-WBO2 areaEC18 pin 7
  'TBD' MAP +5Vrear of intake manifoldEC36 pin 28
  'TBD' MAP signalrear of intake manifoldEC18 pin 6

Wires still needed for new functions

Oil pressure. sensorwill add later
EBP sensorwill add later
Water temp. sensorwill add later
Water pressure sensorwill add later

Wires freed up (no equivalent function on VEMS, or not YET assigned to a VEMS function):

ECU pincolorfunctionlocation of remote endcomment
6G/YA/C relay? a harness around the exhaust sidelow side switch
17?Check Connector? inside
32?Check Connector? inside
33?Check Connector? Inside
43ORstarting signal? key, probably
44G/ORneutral switch?probably merges into harness around firewall
46L/GA/C switch? inside(A/C switch + blower on) -> 0V
47?Check Connector? Inside
53Y/GVSSfrom gauge cluster
56?A/T control unit?could be missing
111PUPR control solenoidnext to ign. power transistorslow side switch