Suzuki Swift 4 cyl ?

The start of any such investigation: upload vemslog showing the problem ! (Maybe it's more tricky than a slightly crippled HALL sensor).

The engine crankshaft wheel was modified, and the ECU was also modified (apparently originally ordered with VR, HALL, but changed to HALL, HALL ?).

Maybe the pullup resistor was installed on the wrong side ? (not the input, but the internal side of the protection resistor ?)

ECU primary trigger HALL input passed test of 720000 pulses / minute

12000 RPM with 60-2 config, equivalent 60000 RPM with 12-2 config without any sign of problem.

Bad sensor test was not done. Eg. 1 diode can simulate a sensor that cannot pull down to below 0.4V (as a good HALL sensor), but only to appr 1V. That would be interesting...

Do you have oscilloscope ?

cranksensor: factory 36-2-2-2 HALL was replaced with

12-2 HALL.

v3 ECU has HALL, HALL input

When engine is warm, trigger error (and misfire) above 5500 RPM.

Clearly related to warm HALL sensor, not ECU temperature (ECU was cooled but no effect: engine cooled fixes the primtrig problem).

It is suspected that primtrig HALL sensor does not pull to GND (or to <0.5V) as it should but perhaps to 1.4V or so ?

  • they claim the sensor was replaced (with another factory HALL sensor of same type) and problem persists, so it is reproducible

beware: invert primtrig edge if installing an "inline" inverter-HW, else TDC position might change. If it works with an NPN inverter (eg. the PDTC114ET inverter we provided free of charge, appr. 1.8 .. 2.5V threshold), it confirms that the factory HALL sensor had OUTPUT signal level problem (not pulling to GND sufficiently).