My name is Balázs Nagy.

Specifications and mods related to my Nissan.


Nissan Skyline GTS-t RB25DET Spec2


Logic level Ignition coils (unlike on the rb25det spec1engine)


Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 7turbo with stock manifold using converter

Front mount intercooler

Costum IC pipe

External wastegate

Costum made aluminium radiator with built in heat thermostat for electric fan

HKS super sequential bov (atmorpheric)

Tomei fpr

Full 64mm exhaust

Ecu Ordered:

1 x v3harness

- injectors: I6

- with_connector: LSU4.9connector

- with_relays: yes

- extra TESA tape: no 269.06EUR


- withSDcard: no

- Special requests: no

- Service: slow

- secondary_trigger: HALL

- primary_trigger: HALL

- mounting-style: unspecified

- MAP connection: 300 kPa simplenipple

- LCD connection: no

- Knock input channels: 2

- ignition driver: 6+2

- Hi-side PFET outputs: 0

- Flyback: HighZ-only 30V flyback

- ETC BridgeOutput?_Interface: 0

- EGT input: 1

- 1-wire interface: no

Progress - Install

Ordered Vems, forgot to write in "nissan" for engine specifications, so modifying order for Nissan Hall trigger. Guys said it could be solved by ignoring secondary trigger abouve 2500 under secondary trigger settings

I ordered the Ecu with 6high current outputs and 2 logic level outputs, so Im planning on using the 4 stepper drivers to control the other 4 ignition modules. They are all logic type moduleles.


Although functionally not an issue: Some nice order like A,B,C,D,E,F would be nicer for firing order 153636 (unless generic harness + already plugged in => than leave as is)

EC36 Pin7 InjectorA? - cylinder No.1 on engine

EC36 Pin9 injectorE - cylinder No.5on engine

EC36 Pin8 InjectorC? - cylinder No.3 on engine

EC36 Pin18 injectorF - cylinder No.6 on engine

EC36 Pin19 to InjectorB? - cylinder No.2 on engine

EC36 Pin20 InjectorD? - cylinder No.4 on engine


I rewired the Ignition (listing as 123456 is BOGUS ! Always think and list in firing order !)

In 153624 firing order:

Power to ignition coils goes to fusebox with two red/black wires, I will use each of them to power 3-3 coils with 12V and the stock Nissan coils need 30amp fused power


Vems warned me about checking the harness. Checking every connection, Eg if the Bosch LSU WBO2 connections are okay, and to make sure it's not wired according to the older (and different according to "7-x" rule) Bosch LSU 4.2 pinout.

The wiring was perfect for LSU4.9 as the following:

Ecu EC18connector pin6 with yellow wire is connected to LSU4.9 pin 2

Ecu EC18connector pin9 with red wire is connected to LSU4.9 pin 1

Ecu EC18connector pin13 with black wire is connected to LSU4.9 pin 6

Ecu EC18connector pin18 with white wire is connected to LSU4.9 pin 3

LSU4.9 pin 4 with grey wire is connected by the harness to fusebox with 5amp fuse

Fuel Pump Wiring

Fuel pump is controlled by VEMS from EC36 Pin15 goes to the fuel pump relay. The relay has a blue wire wich connects direcly to the fuel pump's 12V power feed wire.

Fuel pump needs grounding on chassis and that is all.

Knock Sensor Wiring

- White protected VEMS loom goes to knock sensor directly from Ec18 Pin01. It is a one wire connector, no need for grounding or annyting else.

Nissan VCT (Variable Cam Timing)

Nissan VCT is a two wire solenoid. One of them is constant 12V, and the other is ground controlled by VEMS.

VEMS switches it on/off with one of the injector outputs by giving grounding it when it needs to be activated.

It does not matter which wire goes where on the solenoid,it is interchangable.

I choose EC36 Pin06 to control it.

VEMS Grounds

Since Im using VEMS harness, I used the two grounds included in the harness. One is grounded near the firewall, one is grounded on the drive shaft tunnel next to the shifter.

VEMS Ground is Ec36 Pin05,Pin21,Pin22,Pin26,Pin32. Connected on Vems Harness to common ground no need to worry about it.

Ec18 Pin17 is 2nd WBO2 heater (when ECU is ordered with dual WBO2) so EC18/17 is intentionally NOT connected to other grounds in generic v3 harness

VEMS 12V Feed

Since im using a in cabin battery kill switch I can just join the 12V feed (thick red cable) with the ignition on signal cable (thinner orange cable). No need to worry about draining my battery, since the kill swich will turn off all electrical connection in car while not using it.

CAS sensor (Crank Angle Sensor)

CAS provides the engine position signal and RPM signal to VEMS.

Wiring is the following:

Trigger 1: Connected to VEMS EC36 Pin27 Primary trigger

Trigger 2: Connected to VEMS EC36 Pin13 Secondary trigger

12V supply: Connected to battery.

Ground: Connected to VEMS harness ground.

TPS (Throttle position sensor)

EC36 Pin29 TPS Supply is connected to TPS power in

TPS Earth is connected to VEMS harness earth

Ec36 Pin1 (TPS IN) is connected to TPS singal out.

Idle control valve

question How does VEMS control idle?