Some experiments was done with denso/autronic charge temperature estimation model. Same model used at old Denso stock ecu.
temp charge table was addeed, it is 16x14 for easy edit both tables (with VE table) simultaneously by Applet, when autotune in progress.
If table value = 0, charge temp = clt.
If table value = 1, chatge temp = mat.
Mapcorr and matcorr tables excluded.
MT show estimated charge temperature and actual airdensity correction.

Applet fills charge table with sensitive values by some rules (simple gain/interpolation map*ve values with top/bottom limits), but it is not configurable for a while, i set config rules before applet compiling. Of cource it does not work with alpha-N, i use SD at my car.

You can try this model with my experimental firmware. You need retune entire VE table.
My first table, but now i use 30% at left-bottom.