Planning VEMS 3.3 for turbocharging BMW M50B25 engine in an BMW E36. Lives in Sweden Gothenburg.




Enigne Spec:


Ignition trouble

The problem was observed today when I was checking the timing.

I had only strobed the timing on the starter before, but today i strobed it on idle. Firmware: 1.0.36 and also 1.0.23 was tried with the same result. I'm using dualout and highboost. The actually timing is totally of the timing value set in MT. I also checked if had ant trigger errors on lcd page 2, but didn't.

Result with trigger tooth=4 and TDC after trigger=61

Result with trigger tooth=5 and TDC after trigger=64

This test was on idle @1000rpm +-/40, @45KPa. The timing fluctate +-1 degree. Would appreciate if someone could help me with this weird problem.

Andreas, as soon as I woke up I remembered that you run false waste fire ignition with COP coils. The timing light you are using assumes that you have 720 degrees between each spark and as you only have 360 degrees between each spark you will have to divide the advance number in the timing lights display by two to get the right value. This means that your initial trigger settings was correct. -Jörgen


Pin out:

Function EconoSeal? pin
Sensor power 5V 36-28
Sensor ground 36-26
Power ground 36-5
Power ground 36-21
Power ground 36-22
Power ground 36-32
Flyback 36-23
injector 1 36-7 (Injector A)
injector 2 36-19 (Injector B)
injector 3 36-8 (Injector C)
injector 4 36-20 (Injector D)
injector 5 36-9 (Injector E)
injector 6 36-18 (Injector F)
CLT 36-14 (CLT Coolant Temp)
IAT 36-2 (Intake Air Temp)
TPS 36-1 (TPS signal)
TPS 5v 36-28 (TPS +5v)
Crank position sensor (vr) 36-27
Cam position sensor (vr) 18-13
knock signal A EC18-2
knock signal B EC18-3
coil1 36-35 (Coil #1)
coil2 36-33 (Coil #2)
coil3 36-34 (Coil #3)
coil4 36-11 (Coil #4)
coil5 36-24 (Coil #5)
coil6 36-10 (Coil #6)
Fuel Pump Relay 36-15
nernst_cell 18-13
heater - 18-18
pump - 18-7
pump + 18-9