Dear Vems,

You provided pictures and great explanations to add 2 analog inputs thanks for that.

But I saw that I already have 2 existing green wires on my 3B board that share one extremity of your 2 red drawn on the board.


What shall I do with these wires? I also have light green and orange wires at the position of your proposal for a analog ch2 and ch5.

I have added in colours on your picture the existing wires (black, light blue, blue, grey, orange, red)


that are going from the board to the existing sc6 connector.


Maybe I do not have to do any modification on the board ? Are the existing wires (black, light blue, blue, grey, orange, red)

input already available from factory ? output ? pull up ?, protected ? which channel ?

Explanation from VEMS to add 2 analog input

Getting extra analogs

Do these to get 2 pcs. of 0-5V analog inputs.

  • v3Top.PNG
  • The two resistors are the pullup resistors to the two analog input, so if remove them, the analog inputs are become only protected.