This page specifies what needs to be done for the next firmware release.

Next release is named: STABLE_1_1

Tasks left before release:

Tasks suggested:

Tasks that have to wait until another release (Only put suggested tasks here):

- I write here, how professional systems does it. They uses INJ and IGN correction(both advance and retard available!!) tables too. There are tables according to CLT, and MAT. Booth CLT and MAT bins shold be wider ranged, because theese functions often used to protect the engine. For example retard the advance 2 deg and add 10 percent more fuel at 110 celcius CLT(or at 70 celsius MAT). Serious engines could work up to 115 celsius or more CLT(coolant system under heavy pressure there). So we should increase the highest CLT temp that the genboard can realize at least about 125celsius, i think. And at the cooler CLT and MAT bins we could make to work the engine more good(for example -10 celsius MAT, it could have more advance, and more fuel too).I know this could be a very serious software project for us, but it could be great if the genboard could handle theese functions.- by FERO