There can be many things you would want to move, from doorlock to IdleControl. Please stick anything about actuators and servos (availability, links, wisdom..).


information here.

For example:

-variable intake control solenoid:(VICS)

The valve turns on at a given RPM.There are 2 kind of systems.The valve control solenoid output signal shuld be low below that RPM and high after that RPM, the other method is the opposite of it. The RPM , and the method should be configured via the menu system.The output should be controlled via a FET.

-fuel evaporate system control solenoid:

This system is used almost every injection controlled car nowadays.This is a picture about this system from a service manual of a mazda.


[a document describing how emissions can be better controlled with to the use of a fuel evaporate system control solenoid]

Bipolar Stepper Motors

DC motors

information here.

Intelligent Devices

Jorgen's CAN throttle


Q. How can i set, that one of the FETs controls the Variable Intake actuator?