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2017-09-06 06:57:49 . . . . catv-80-98-142-196.catv.broadband.hu [1.5.12 under testing]
2017-09-06 00:42:20 . . . . catv-80-98-142-196.catv.broadband.hu [unit conversions]
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Any chance to add more AIM CustomX? slots?

5 available currently (some in top, others on bottom display).

It would be nice to see more (8..10..16) to fill all slots/display sections with custom AIM data.

* considering adding more; but first need to know what are AIM channels (all, exactly) you are displaying and intend to display ? (please preferrably list on your project page)

** RPM, MAP, TPS, wheelspeed and others do NOT need customX slots

** Is the AIM stream from VEMS, or some other AIM transmitter ?

*** All the default channels are useless in my opinion (except for wheelspeed). Being able to assign custom channels allows you to do maths (like MAP > PSI or BAR, or LAMBDA to AFR, or define Fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temp, etc...) all of these quickly add up the custom slots quickly.

My AIM stream is coming from VEMS currently. The modification I'm asking for is to make at least double or more of the AIM Custom slots, it will allow much more freedom. AfreshTiny is great, but with the addition of inputs and new AIM stream data support in ECU, the gauge FW is lacking.

Any considerations on getting more custom slots to make use of the additional data/inputs able to be fed to the V3 these days?

* 2017-09 yes, it sounds reasonable. WIP.

** note: config (the part related to AIM slots at least) from prev round firmware might not be automatically converted to new round fw (=> so only upgrade now if this functionality is needed, and adjust the AIM slots after round fw updgrade, using new VT ini fresh updated from web).

Thanks! MembersPage/Sascha


Unit conversions

Some "slightly stupid" unit conversions can be done with Aim custom slots, like * Lambda 1.00 => 14.7 AFR (can also be selected in other ways)

However, the most stupid unit conversions cannot be done with traditional Ax+B formula, provided by the AIM custom slots.

* MAP value in +PSI/-inHg

** manifold pressure in different units above and below ambient as +psi and -inHg

** is that also needed ? It is implemented on LCD, and can be done in VT (with ini changes)


more AIM custom channels ... Short checklist

More aim_custom slots added, +4 top and +4 bottom (beyond those that already existed) in

* [1.5.12] (under testing, might change)

* [1.5.50] (same, but LSU4.9 version, as-is, no support yet )

* config layout

* implement in round fw [1.5.12]

** looks good: check sanity (eg. flash/sram/stack/...)

* VT ini

** update ini-s from web needed

* tests

* feedback

* release