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2017-10-24 05:47:44 . . . . catv-80-98-119-216.catv.broadband.hu [old and new to same specs]
2017-10-03 16:16:31 . . . . bband-dyn87.178-40-250.t-com.sk [Add pistures and wiring diagram]
2017-10-03 01:25:21 . . . . catv-80-98-142-196.catv.broadband.hu [free retest granted]
2017-10-02 09:28:18 . . . . 176-61-242-100.lte.slovanet.sk [car and problem description]
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Changes by last author:

ECU seems to operate perfectly on bench (passed testing, all inputs, outputs, ...).

Apparently install is made with sufficient care (eg. this page is better than average install docs, showing the good effort and approach)

* to honor this

** (and cover the rare case of insidious hidden problem, either caused by damage or been there originally; very rare, but cannot be completely ruled out)

** new ECU is made with same specs (or perhaps with small changes if specified fast enough ?)

* both sent back. If the setup is verified carefully (not just by plugging in another ECU: an out-of specs setup, eg. with insufficient grounding can work apparently OK with one ECU for some time, but not with another), and still having problem with the old, than, and only than plug in the new to proceed without any further delay.