1. Intro

  2. Firmware upload

  3. Validate FW Config

  4. VemsTune Project

  5. GPS logging

  6. Realtime Gauges

  7. Dialogs:

  8. Table Editor

  9. Gauge Grouping

  10. SD Card logging

  11. Boost Control

  12. Examples:
TODO: move this to Primary Trigger Settings help screen: RPM can change relatively much during 30 degrees (12 cranktooth) during cranking, especially with a high compression engine. Not an issue with 60-2. We had to enable multitooth advanced filter on a home-grinded 12-1 (made from 12 tooth) VR trigger to crank. Otherwise the normal toothtimes (as shown by external triggerlog analysis) were sometimes x1.59 or even x1.62 of previous tooth, therefore misdetected as missing tooth by the normal 150% threshold -> no start. 175% threshold seems to work: missing tooth was between x2.02 to x2.31.