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Using stock BMW coil and distributor until i got car dyno tuned,then i will switch to wastedspark on this n/a engine,wastedspark should stay for the turbocharged engine as well.



Mcell hints:

  • EC36pin35 (i259ch0) is used now. Beware that it's easy to overload the IGBT with distributer and the low Ohm BMW coil. Dwell > 3msec is very dangerous
  • I lowered the dwell to 2.5ms,i was familiar with >3ms dangerous...
  • consider EC36pin33 (i259ch1) in parallel (2 outputs connected, driving same coil), and configure i259ch1 output and ign_dualout.
  • You don't get higher spark energy, but you share the current load between 2 IGBTs. So it becomes less sensitive to a bit higher dwell (than needed). Less likely to fry IGBT.
  • if you forget ign_dualout config option, the outputs will not fry just because of the 2 outputs shorted (remember these outputs can only pull toward GND5), but current load will not be shared.
  • I will switch to wastedspark 3x2 as soon as i get modul (in a week or two) so i will get rid of this coil,its bad in any way...

In the generic user-manual I would recommend using I259/2 (EC36 pin 34) and I259/3 (EC36 pin 36) because it is available even in a box with only 2 ignition outputs.

Ignition Configuration