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I`m located in Novi Sad,Serbia.

Installing VEMS Genboard v3.3 on M20B27 BMW engine.This is my first VEMS project,and first standalone project ever,so i would need all the help i can get! :) Tnx



Since the drift season ended in October,the car ended its turbo carer.While i was at the drift event,at the semi-finals,the FET died and i finished as 3rd driving the car at 5cyl.I soldered the new FET's and got the car working nice again.

The new chassis is getting ready slowly and should be done very soon.Season begins at the end of March or at the beginning of the April when i want to attend the King of Europe,drift series.

What needs to be done is to install 3-way solenoid to control the boost,install the ARP studs and MLS headgasket,rise the boost at 1.0-1.2bar and sort out some more VE table,its almost perfect but not completly.

Update with pics will be added soon.


The project is 99% done.Car is extremely fast at 0.85bar and the engine has survived several drift events since it's made for them :)

I experienced some detonations in 4th and 5th gear above 0.6bar even if i retarded the ignition previously for a 3-4deg.There is no signs on detonations in 1st,2nd and 3rd gear.Since the fuel is pretty low quality/octane (90 octane or even less) here in Serbia,i need to find a way to get some better quality fuel.

The car in a pic will attend one more drift event in October and after that we are swapping the engine into a full racing chassis.

Thanx Mattias for great help on many things! ;)


Engine has started! Cylinder head doesn't get any oil....and the oil in the turbo feed line is to weak,i can hold it closed with my finger without problems,so looks like the oil pressure is problem,probably oil pump is bad.

I will take some measurements of the oil pressure tomorrow and see what i will find out.

Looks like VEMS is working without any problems,i added Injector resistors since i`m using 55lb lowZ now...


Got almost everything done....I need to install fuel pump and some injector resistors and try to start the engine...

Pictures are [here]