Cossi Triggerpage

Engine starts only with reverse crank sensor polarity.

Primary tigger:

Secondary trigger:

The LCD and Megatune shows the right RPM during cranking.

When I try to positioning ign_tdcdelay, I get only erratic crank angle (measured by strobe) as I change the value:

(ign_crank_advance=01 ,crank advance 0.25 degree)

It's looks OK, but if I use the right crank advance (8 degree through the crank),then get spark BTDC 70 degree again.

I can't make spark between BTDC 70 degree and ATDC 2 degree.


I do some measurement by scope with 15kOhm pullup to +5V on secondary trigger (both sensor conected with the right polarity) :

[Ignition ON]

[Ignition ON & cranking]

[Scope screenshot for details]

Cranking around 210-220 rpm

CH1 - cam signal

CH2 - crank signal

These are looks good for me, but I'm not sure of course, because the problem with the spark advance is still the same.