This 36-2-2-2 subaru trigger (like the missing-tooth triggers, or even none-missing tooth triggers) support sectrig-position (and third-trig position) measurement and therefore suitable for camshaft-angle-control (VVTI / AVCS).

36-2-2-2 supported since early 2011, with original tigger-pattern specs. (improved syncup from firmware 1.2.27)

Summary for Subaru 4 Cyl with 36-2-2-2 crank trigger

  • The AVCS equipped engines have the teeth on the cam wheel still, so it's possible to fit the VR sensor to read the cam wheel if you're not using AVCS or have the cam timing locked. This is uncommon though.

EU/jdm ej207 engine 2001-2006 runs 36-2-2-2 crank vr , left cam second vr cam sensor+

A vr sensor on right and left inlet cam for feedback for avcs with a 4tooth trigger none missing

We do NOT know any 36-2-2-2 subaru trigger that cannot be configured with VEMS. However, there are several types (and the subaru manual has been found incorrect at times, even with extremely important details like the pattern ! Despite this, all setups with sufficient information in the sufficient format have been made to work; and almost certainly will be in the future too; most likely with appropriate config; or at worst with fw mod)

Subaru H4 sequence : (13, missing, 16, missing, missing) (also used in some Suzuki, see MembersPage/SuzukiValveControl )

From firmware 1.2.12 implementation got more versatile but secignore must be specified (IMPORTANT):

"Ignore sectrig pulses above" = 62

Please write here when you find out good values for

values for a certain engine model
  • no big deal to adjust though: usually gives 10-30 degrees trigger-position at idle, and +40..60 degrees - or so - higher reading when cam is advanced
  • after VR-trigger is set up it's easy to set measure tooth to a good value (often many good values exist) after inspecting triggerlog

There is a contradiction about crank-pattern inside the Subaru manual (thanx for everyone contributing so we finally sorted it)

Cam info

There is a camsync pulse 45 crank degrees before Cyl 1 TDC, then the second comes 135 crank degrees after TDC



This scopeshot shows VR, but some Subaru have cam-HALL (for sectrig and 3d trig, see AVCS below).

The relative position of the cam (having the camsync pulse coming inside the middle of the long gap) was a reasonable design decision.




On both pics with the wheel, the wheel turns anti-clockwise. The engine runs clockwise, but the pic is of the back of the wheel.

The engine and the wheel physically turn clockwise, but the above photo shows the back of the wheel, so looking at the pic, the wheel turns counter clockwise.

That confirms: our implementation assumed the above photographed wheel rotates COUNTERCLOCKWISE so the double long gap is followed by 13 tooth, not 16.

Crank Sensor wheel drawing, as mounted on the engine - rotates clockwise: (Beware: the plotted function is wrong: it shows a group of 13 teeth, instead of 16! This caused a lot of confusion)


just thinking

The choice to have the long gap detected at 30 BTDC and 0 TDC is weird.

We can look at it as 15+3,3+12+3

Subaru 36-2-2-2 implemented with camsync: derived from c024 (12 cranktooth + 1 campulse)

Original implementation notes - might be useful, but the configuration with the configlet is much easier now

Than "save" + "burn", and might need to reboot.

Please measure+figure how to set trigger tooth and TDCdelay.

(tooth 0 is after the long gap after the group of 16 normal tooth). So triggertooth=4 + 90 deg TDC-delay or triggertooth=5 + 60 deg TDC-delay SEEMS appropriate. (The strobe will tell)

Test pattern - codenamed "s362" in wav filenames and signalgenerators

Here is a [wav file] (with CamSync?. Inverted to play properly. 735 RPM)

Testing - some [configs] that were used for testing

Since the 2010-06-15 experimental 1.1.76 seems to act properly (36-2-2-2 with camsync or with subaru 6+7 with camsync). Can be tried on bench or engine.

Jason's notes

Here is a [vemscfg file] of the setup described above (trigger settings)

In Jason's engine there is the possibility of using a 4-1 cam signal. It's for the 2004 WRX STi variable cam system (disabled on this engine for now) and those sensors are still there but unused. We should figure out the 2 pulse camsync, but if the 4-1 is easier to handle quickly, I'm ok with that. There is a 4-1 on each cam, but I expect it's sufficient to just read one of the two (just like this 2 pulse cam trigger).


2013-09-24 : triggerlog captured with primary crank vr , right cam sensor as 2nd trigger Hall, and left cam 3rd trigger Hall (exhaust cam)

Assuming the triggerlog was captured with fully retarded position, it seems a good idea to swap secondary and third trigger (use the red pattern for sectrig)


The settings in the dropdown menu does not work here!!

This is a 3 trigger setup were left and right cam Will love when avcs is activated , and not like the 4trigger setup were the 2nd trigger does not move

There are 2 types of cam sensors:

subaru_vvt_a.PNG subaru_settings.PNG

Assuming that is the most retarded position. (correct ?)

link to a site, were there is crank 36-2-2-2, plus cam 4-1,

this is what there is on the subaru´s when the run inlet avcs, so NOT 36-2-2-2 and the 2pulse cam wheel

A triggerlog, where


Camshaft-angle control

Firmware originally supported camshaft-angle control with missing tooth primary trigger. But someone on irc requested 36-2-2-2 (without writing details here or there).

We added firmware support for 36-2-2-2 (with the factory 2-pulse camsync) camshaft angle control (1.1.82), but there are still open questions...

Engine has 2 VR + 2 cam-HALL sensors in total:

Trigger inputs - 3 should be enough

Output solenoids ?


Need help to to solve low Vr signal.

Question 1

As you can see below images of the vvt cam vr sensor is not a strong signal positive 200 mV negative 300 mV.

What can we try to do to make the Lm 1815 read the signal?

Question 2

This version of Subaru is not like the US made ons as shown on this side.

This Subaru is sold in Europa and Japan. It has 4 spike´s on cam distributed 90 degrees and not 3 like the US models. Also all sensors are Vr. Type (US models uses hall on cams)

36-2-2-2 crank, plus a 4tooth camfeedback on each cam,

This trigger setup is used on JDM and Euro 2.0 AVCS STI engines from 2001-2005 were it changes to hall cam feedback sensors with 4-1 feedback on each cam.(like the above US version)

scope shot 1 : vr cranksensor 36-2-2-2 + right VR cam feedback sensor connected to secondary trigger measured with ecu pluged in


scope shot 2: VR cranksensor 36-2-2-2 + left VR cam feedback sensor connected to 3rd trigger connected by VR-Hall converter

this pic is direct from sensores without ecu connected


Scope shot 3: VR cranksensor 36-2-2-2 + left VR cam feedback sensor connected to 3rd trigger connected by VR-Hall converter

this pic is with ecu connected.


Not getting any output through both cam LM1815 pin12

Suggestions to get it working ?