Suzuki Valve control

Test project for intake valve camshaft angle control. 1.3 / 1.6 Liter 4cyl engine used in Suzuki Swift, Ignis and other cars. Perhaps same trigger is used in other engines (Toyota ?) as well.

Fero uploaded the documents [here]

Important information:


Primary trigger is same 36-2-2-2 as InputTrigger/SubaruThirtySixMinusTwoMinusTwoMinusTwo (but HALL)

Secondary trigger

Tooth timing


VVT measurement

test-setup at Budapest University of Technology (and "Economics") the engine + shaft dyno located in the Jendrassik lab, 50m from the university's nuclear reactor.

It is a sponsored ECU v3.3 serialnr 2012

We'll test VVTI with this 18-1 primary trigger first.

TODO: upload scope data and triggerlogs.